Get all you need to know for Along with the Gods’ Play to Earn launch

Along with the Gods’ P2E serve will open on October 27th, but before then it’s important you get to know the basics, so make sure you read this comprehensive hub article.

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🔗Official announcement 🔗NFT staking User Guide 🔗 What is Staking 🔗How Staking Works in Along with the Gods 🔗Staking Times explained 🔗How to Get PLAYZ NFT for staking🔗Staking Systems & Rewards in Along with the Gods 🔗Claim Staking Rewards 🔗Staking Failure State 🔗Start Staking now

Get ready to earn in Along with the Gods by Pre-staking your PLAYZ NFT

PlayDapp Gamers! Prestaking is now open for Along with the Gods. Ready for you all to start earning PLA.

So we’ve put this awesome guide together to take you through the basics. Reading not your thing…

NFT Pre-Staking starts from October 20th ahead of the official release

[2021–10–20] PlayDapp, a blockchain game project that drew attention after being listed on Coinbase, the largest virtual asset exchange in the U.S., …

Find out about PlayDapp’s merge function and its use for boosting NFT.

What is Merge? — The basics.

Merge makes your NFTs more valuable. Specifically, Merge will make your PlayDapp Town NFT (PLAYZ NFTs) more valuable. You’ve probably noticed that all of our PLAYZ NFTs have a rarity rank. …

PlayDapp participated in the 2021 Game x CONFERENCE held by Naver Cloud on October 15th. Showcasing its Item Manager SDK.

Hosted by Naver Cloud, Korea’s leading IT technology company, and the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), the 2021 GAME X CONFERENCE, is a place to share the latest trends…

Pre-registration for the upcoming launch of new play-to-earn server now open!

Hello Knights! We have fantastic news, PlayDapp’s flagship RPG is upgrading its Play-to-Earn mechanics. Pre-registration with rewards is open now at!

PlayDapp’s RPG Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn, in which players can earn NFT Runes and Heroes, is launching a dedicated play-to-earn server, with NFT staking…

Going… going… gone! Build a frenzy of excitement around your NFT!

PlayDapp Gamers, we’re delighted to let you know all about the latest update to our PlayDapp MarketPLAce, Auction.

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This awesome new feature will help you to give your NFT a real boost, helping you…

With this great addition, has all the information you need for PlayDapp and more!

Now, through’s PLA Price page, you can also find all the latest news and developments straight from PlayDapp. …

200,000 square meters of South Korea’s luxury fashion district ‘Cheongdam’, will become an NFT location! Users can apply for a pre-sale ticket in Joongonara which can be redeemed for an NFT at!

  • Free distribution of NFT tickets for metaverse virtual districts that can be connected to real addresses.
  • Freely…

Grab those PLAYZ NFT, and boost their value! Try any of three Merge systems to win massive amounts of PLA, and other game goodies!

PlayDapp gamers, today is the day! PlayDapp’s Merge function is now live! Even better, for this initial period, while we build out the supported NFT categories…

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