The Release of Metaverse ‘PlayDapp Town’ Alpha Version on Roblox

Blockchain service platform PlayDapp has released the Alpha version of the inhouse developed metaverse ‘PlayDapp Town’ on the Roblox platform.

The ‘PlayDapp Town’ is a playground optimized for the most renowned metaverse game platform ‘Roblox’, and will be composed of game zones on a variety mini-games such as school playground, grocery mart, food truck, fishing activity, shopping mall, soccer field, household decoration, and outdoor concert.

<‘PlayDapp Town’ Alpha Version on Roblox >

This alpha version will allow you to grasp a glimpse of the overall composition of ‘PlayDapp Town’ and will provide one mini-game ▲Hide&Seek in the ‘Game Zone’ for player to enjoy.

The company will introduce more content and mini-games as development progresses in order to increase content and player retention.

In addition, development is in progress to provide a wide range of usage for NFT(Non-Fungible Token) within the PlayDapp Town environment.

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PlayDapp Team

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